Basic Tennis Equipments

If you are just starting to play tennis on a tennis court and you need to buy tennis equipment to start the game, it is common to get confused with the wide variety of equipment available in sporting goods stores today. It can be a bit overwhelming process to select the ones you need as a beginner.

In order to make your shopping easier, it is better to know the functionality of equipment, identify the best on the market and make your purchase. There are a number of major brands that specialize in manufacturing tennis equipment. Brands like Wilson, Yonex, Dunlop, Volkl are leading manufacturers in the field. The most common equipment you will need is listed below so you can better shop.

tennis racket

This is the most important of all tennis equipment you should own if you decide to play the game regularly. Today, there is a wide variety of rackets available on the market depending on your price range. Buying a brand always ensures better quality so you can play longer.

Make sure to buy rackets made of high quality materials that can give you maximum comfort, to make your game enjoyable. Tennis rackets also come in a variety of head sizes to suit the needs of players from beginner level to expert level. If you want to buy a racket that is suitable for beginners, you should choose a racket with a larger head.

tennis bag

This is the bag you carry with you every day to play. This bag fits all your tennis equipment such as racket, tennis balls, clothing, water bottle and other things you need on the field. Buy a sturdy and durable waterproof bag that will last a long time, as you will need to carry a significant amount of things with you. All leading brands have their own tennis bags, so you can choose from different bags.

tennis balls

You can buy your own pack of tennis balls, if your club does not provide them for you. They usually come in packs of five tennis balls. Again, all the leading brands make them, so do your research on the most durable and make your purchase.

tennis shoes

This is also a very important purchase that you should make if you are a regular player. Tennis shoes are custom made for use on the tennis court as they can give your feet full support as you run across the surface of the court. They are designed to maximize comfort while minimizing the risk of a sprained foot or ankle during athletic activities such as tennis. They have a special sole material that provides traction on the court and resists falls due to surface slipping. You can get good tennis shoes from all leading tennis and sports shoe brands like Adidas, Asics and so on.

Apart from the necessities mentioned above, there are a number of accessories and tennis equipment that you can purchase depending on your requirement. Do not forget to choose equipment from brands known for their quality so that you get the best value for money and enjoy it for a long time.