Tennis Beginner

If you’ve just started playing tennis, you may realize that tennis isn’t just hitting a ball back to the opponent’s court. There are many things to learn as a tennis novice. Start from your swing pose to the strategies. Even though there are many things we need to learn as a tennis novice, we continue to play tennis because it is a fast-paced game with a lot of challenge that can satisfy our competitive spirit. Here I will share with you some steps to help you, a tennis novice, to win most of your game.

  1. Get the form right from the start
    Some people try to play tennis on their own. They then see that they follow without confirming the correct form. Eventually it will become a bad habit that will be difficult to change. So from the start you should seriously consider getting training lessons from a tennis pro if you want to improve your tennis, especially if you want to go to a tournament. As a tennis novice, you can still learn it by yourself because nowadays there are many videos and pictures about tennis stroke. But keep in mind that it is of course more difficult to learn it alone.
  2. Focus on consistency in the game
    If you are a tennis novice also playing against a beginner, you usually don’t have to hit a winner. It’s not necessarily about hitting the ball with full force, as as a tennis novice it will most likely fly off the court. This also applies to your opponent. So the key is to hit back accurately. Focus on your target and hit deep to the back of the field. Sometimes it can take a long time, but only those who have the patience to keep hitting well will win.
  3. Track the Ball Movement
    The best advice for a tennis novice if the swings keep missing the ball, either miss the sweet spot or the swing hits the air, is to predict where the ball will bounce. Not necessarily that you have to predict it 100% accurately, but at least you need an idea where the ball will bounce so you can prepare early. Most tennis novices have forgotten this and as a result most of them will hit with incorrect form or swing as they hit the ball in a hurry.
  4. Point your arm at the ball.
    Pointing the ball with your free arm also helps in hitting the ball. It gives you a better sense of where to hit the ball. Since in tennis the timing and position of where you hit the ball is important, as a tennis novice you should not hit too early or too late to get a good shot.

So in the end the most important thing is to win and never give up playing tennis. There are many things you may know, but if your mental state is against you, it will be hard to win. As a tennis novice, don’t forget to practice hard and have fun!